Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diapers, Wetbags, and Wool- Oh my!

Wool diaper covers
When I first heard of using wool as a diaper material, I was thoroughly grossed out. The term 'soaker pant' can be scary, but trust me, its sanitary.

After some research and talking to a friend, I decided to give it a shot. I absolutely love wool for covers and soaker pants. The pants are called 'longies', and have been around since the dawn of diapers. They only need laundered every 2-4 weeks (or if they get pooped on), and treated with lanolin every few months.

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, and breathes very well. It is used as a cover over a prefold, fitted, or other coverless 'old-fashioned' diaper.

The covers I make use old sweaters as a fabric source. I felt and shrink them, and sew the arms into pants and the front and back into covers. This makes wool a very affordable diapering solution. Since I use repurposed fabric, you can get diapers custom made for your child at a fraction of standard retail prices.

AIO- All-In-One diaper

When I first started sewing, I made some all-in-one diapers that we still use. They attach with snaps, and have fit Morgan for several months now, with room to grow. These have microfleece lining with microfiber inside, and a polyurethane laminate (PUL) on the outside. The microfleece wicks moisture away from baby butts, microfiber absorbs it, and the PUL forms a waterproof breathable barrier, making this diaper as easy to use as a standard disposable. It is super fast drying due to the synthetic materials. I also made a matching wetbag, which holds soiled diapers when we are away from home.
Drawstring wetbag

This week I decided to turn some prefold diapers into fitteds. I cut in towards the middle, sewed elastic across the back and along the center edges, and sewed the extra flaps to create a more absorbent inner that can serve to hold an additional insert if needed. These are my new favorite diapers, and I plan to make more. The one pictured can be pinned or fastened with a snappi, but I have started adding snaps to the wings, so that they are faster/easier to fasten. These diapers require a cover.

The wool covers in the picture are on their way across the country, they were a custom order. If you would like to order any diapers or covers drop me a line at I'd love to make something cute, functional, and affordable for your baby.


  1. Those woolies are crazy cute... wonder who they're for. :P I can't wait to put them on Levi and share the pics!