Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diapers, Wetbags, and Wool- Oh my!

Wool diaper covers
When I first heard of using wool as a diaper material, I was thoroughly grossed out. The term 'soaker pant' can be scary, but trust me, its sanitary.

After some research and talking to a friend, I decided to give it a shot. I absolutely love wool for covers and soaker pants. The pants are called 'longies', and have been around since the dawn of diapers. They only need laundered every 2-4 weeks (or if they get pooped on), and treated with lanolin every few months.

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, and breathes very well. It is used as a cover over a prefold, fitted, or other coverless 'old-fashioned' diaper.

The covers I make use old sweaters as a fabric source. I felt and shrink them, and sew the arms into pants and the front and back into covers. This makes wool a very affordable diapering solution. Since I use repurposed fabric, you can get diapers custom made for your child at a fraction of standard retail prices.

AIO- All-In-One diaper

When I first started sewing, I made some all-in-one diapers that we still use. They attach with snaps, and have fit Morgan for several months now, with room to grow. These have microfleece lining with microfiber inside, and a polyurethane laminate (PUL) on the outside. The microfleece wicks moisture away from baby butts, microfiber absorbs it, and the PUL forms a waterproof breathable barrier, making this diaper as easy to use as a standard disposable. It is super fast drying due to the synthetic materials. I also made a matching wetbag, which holds soiled diapers when we are away from home.
Drawstring wetbag

This week I decided to turn some prefold diapers into fitteds. I cut in towards the middle, sewed elastic across the back and along the center edges, and sewed the extra flaps to create a more absorbent inner that can serve to hold an additional insert if needed. These are my new favorite diapers, and I plan to make more. The one pictured can be pinned or fastened with a snappi, but I have started adding snaps to the wings, so that they are faster/easier to fasten. These diapers require a cover.

The wool covers in the picture are on their way across the country, they were a custom order. If you would like to order any diapers or covers drop me a line at I'd love to make something cute, functional, and affordable for your baby.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's Camas, and why Cradle?

Camas is a plant found along the western part of North America. It has a beautiful purple flower, and its root is nutritious and has nourished the native peoples of this region for generations.
Before Morgan was born, her grandmother gave us a beautiful wooden cradle that she slept in while she was tiny. It was a fixture in our lives during her early months, and is still in her room, full of snuggled up toys.

Camas Cradle Designs strives to stay true to its roots, using materials acquired locally whenever possible, and re-purposing old things into something with new life and exciting possibilities.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome to Camas Cradle Designs!

Camas Cradle is committed to creating reusable goods for babies, kids, and even the occasional grownup! My name is Laureas Tate, I'm a student/nanny/mother who enjoys sewing, crocheting, and photography. My daughter, Morgan, is 11 months old, and falls victim to models most of my creations. I have made many things since she was born, from diapers to a jogging stroller, turkey hats to sundresses. And its been a blast! Now I'd like to start sharing my journey, and creations, with you.